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Hi everyone and welcome to my web site “Be True To Yourself”!  My name is Johnna Lynch Shook and I have been a business woman my entire career (30+ years) and have found it difficult to juggle my professional career and my family life.  It took me many years and several failed relationships to discover that until I “had my life together”, all aspects of my life would be out of control.  My first step to “being true to myself” was recognizing that until I had a handle on my feelings, my goals and aspirations, my financial security, daily activities, etc…, I couldn’t really progress, personally or professionally.  I’ve learned quite a bit through the years and want to give back by sharing my knowledge to those who may not have clear direction.


A Little Story About My Journey

My parents owned a small, local, heating and electrical contracting business when I was a kid and I spent quite a bit of time at the “shop” (office) and was completely intrigued by “the business”.  Unfortunately, my parents were unable to keep the business afloat, after 25 years, due to the economy at that time.  As a teenager, I remember thinking, I sure wish I was of age to work in the family business, as I felt I could have contributed to a successful operation.

My family fell on hard times after that, trying to make ends meet, while raising me, my 2 nephews and my niece, as well as supporting my 2 older sisters.  I believe I had an epiphany at a very young age and decided that I would apply my parents work ethic and learn as much as I could about business operations, so that I could take care of myself in the future.  Unfortunately, I did not possess the appropriate skills (personal organization, setting goals, personal budgeting, understanding insurance fundamentals, saving for and buying a house, etc…) and I found myself floundering during my early adult life.

Why I Want To Help People

Fast forward to today…  I was fortunate enough, during my professional career, to have great mentors who believed in me and were willing to guide me on my personal and professional journey, and for that, I am forever grateful!  This is the very foundation of my website…  I want to be able to provide simple, fundamental direction to people of all ages, who (like me) did not acquire these skills while growing up, or otherwise.  These basic principles are not taught in high school or college rather, they are life lessons.  I have provided guidance to many family members, friends, and colleagues, throughout the years, and thought, why not share these tips, tricks, and life lessons to help those who wish to be in control of their journeys and find peace and stability, sooner versus later.

Being True to Yourself

Before you can be true to yourself, you need to have a foundation to build upon.  My goal is to provide insight, through real–life examples and provide tools to those who wish to “get their life together” and ensure they can find themselves on a path to success and happiness.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best and Godspeed,

Johnna Lynch Shook

Founder of:   Be True To Yourself (BTTYS)


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